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Body-Solid® UK celebrates over two decades of unrivaled success

Established 1997

body-solid UK trade mark

January 2017 marked the Twentieth Year of Body-Solid, a true milestone in the history of our business in the United Kingdom...

A well designed product backed by a strong brand never goes out of fashion!

In July 1996, Body-Solid UK was established with a single purpose in mind - to offer the superb range of Body-Solid Strength Training Equipment® (readily available in the USA and in a few other countries around the world some six years earlier) to customers in the UK.

When Body-Solid in the UK first set-up its small, yet humble sales offices in North London, little did it's Directors know that twenty-four years on, this remarkable brand would become a household name. We still remain just as passionate today about selling Body-Solid products as we did all those years ago.

February 9th, 1999 saw the launch of our website (www.bodysolid.co.uk), a milestone for Body-Solid.
Also that in year, the Company set up its main sales operation and 'Body-Solid Fitness Equipment Centre' in Central London to coincide with its newly-born online existence.
Over a decade on, and several revamps later, bodysolid.co.uk plays an important role in our Company's activities. First and foremost, it continues to happily serve UK customers directly with all Body-Solid and Steelflex products of excellence. You can save yourself money, time and hassle by ordering all your Body-Solid and Steelflex equipment right here - directly on this website. Its quick, easy and without any fuss. Needless to say, there is no salesman to pressure you!

Today, Body-Solid in the UK has become a brand synonymous with quality, durability and value for money. You will find Body-Solid fitness equipment in homes, offices, hotels, schools, and in commercial gyms throughout the depth and breadth of the UK.

Today's Body-Solid products are better than ever. Body-Solid have constantly been improving, redesigning and expanding their product range over the past decade. They continue to do so today.

Each and every new Body-Solid and Steelflex product launched is born from years of experience and knowledge stemming from fitness professionals and athletes who have been in the fitness industry for decades.

Back then, some products were designed so well that even today, they still remain strong, mainstream contenders!

With the exception of a few improvements and cosmetic changes made to them. Here are just a handful of examples of exactly what we mean:

GFID31 Body-Solid Flat/Incline/Decline Bench (formerly WFID30 in 1997),
GPR370 Body-Solid Multi-Press Rack (formerly WMPR80 in 1997)
GLPH1100 Body-Solid Leg Press/Hack Squat Machine (formerly WLPH1000 in 1997),
GSRM40 Body-Solid Seated Row/Raise Machine (formerly WSRM40 in 1997),
PSM144G Powerline Smith Machine (formerly Body-Solid WSM44 in 1997),
GVKR60 Body-Solid Vertical Knee Raise & Dip (formerly WVKR60 in 1997),
EXM2000S Home Gym (no change since its launch in 2000)

And the list goes on and on...

Above all, we would like to thank all our UK customers (past and present) for their custom and loyalty to Body-Solid United Kingdom over the past decade.

So, to sum-up, we look forward to continue serving our UK customer base with Body-Solid fitness products of excellence for decades to come!



Body-Solid Strength Training Equipment® is a UK Registered Trademark
Body-Solid Brochure Archive Download:
WLPH-1000 Body-Solid Leg Press / Hack Squat Machine (1996)
EXM-1500 Performance Trainer (1996)
EXM-1800 Body-Trainer Gym (1996)
EXM-1950S Iso-Flex Home Gym (2002)
EXM-2500S Strength-Tech Home Gym (1997)
EXM-2550S Biangular Home Gym (2000)
EXM-2800S Flat Bench Home Gym (2000)
MCG-82 Body-Solid MuscleCraft Gym (1996)
PSG-44S Body-Solid Pro Smith Gym (1996)
EXT-8800 /4S Pro Club Line Strength Training Tower (1996)

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